Saturday, July 11, 2015

This past week was our last week in Graz.  On Monday we had our optional excursion to the Armory ("Zeughaus"), where the city has a large stockpile of arms from the middle ages and early modernity. Pictures of our trip to the Armory can be found here:
On Thursday we took our final language evaluation, after which many students needed a rest!

Also on Thursday night we had our farewell show, which we performed for the parents.  This show included a musical play.  Pictured here is the cast in costume (foreground) and the choir (background):

On Friday we departed Graz.  There were many sad yet warm good-byes before we set off for Vienna.

Now we have settled into our hostel in Vienna, and pictures from our first two days can be found here, including our visit to the Prater Amusement Park:

Note:  A special thanks to Gabi Jauregui for taking pictures on the Ferris Wheel, seeing how I was too acrophobic to do anything but stare at the floor while grasping the seat.

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